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Feasibility study for waste management

Neustadt an der Weinstraße

The city of Neustadt an der Weinstraße plans to operate a waste management centre (wmc) to meet the local needs of the population and commercial enterprises for suitable disposal facilities for green waste and construction waste. In addition, a section of the wmc will be used for temporary storage and partial processing of excavated soil from urban soil management. The aim is to use the excavated soil in construction projects. The FiW supports the city in its project with the preparation of a feasibility study. The purpose of this study will be to determine the basic principles for the design and operation of the wmc. Different variants of operation and a rough estimate of the investment and operating costs for the respective variants will be presented.


Dr.-Ing. Kristoffer Ooms
+49 241 80 2 68 22 / E-Mail


Neustadt an der Weinstraße


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